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With the globalization of markets, the increasing diversity of workforces and the emphasis on time as a critical element in an organization's ability to complete, TVET programs are suppose to provide the rapid response of the labor market through the Public / Community or Private owned Colleges. On behalf of CTEVT, We are committing to produce quality human resources to response the need of labor market. We are eager to work with the business, industries and community leaders to address the gap in labor market through supplying skilled TVET graduates.
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सेवा करारमा वैकल्पिक उम्मेद्वारहरु सिफारिसको लागि आवेदन माग गरिएको सूचना 16 February 2024
सेवा करारमा वैकल्पिक उमेद्वारहरु सिफारिसको लागि आवेदन माग गरिएको सूचना 31 January 2024
सीप परीक्षण केन्द्र सम्बन्धि सूचना 31 January 2024
Skill Test Form 18 January 2024
सीप परीक्षण आवेदन फाराम सम्बन्धि सूचना 18 January 2024
सेवा कारार नतिजा २०८० 18 January 2024
सेवा करार व्यक्ति छनोटको सम्पर्क मिति, परीक्षा मिति र परीक्षा केन्द्र तोकिएको सम्बन्धी सूचना। 02 January 2024
सेवा करार दरखास्त फाराम स्वीकृत गरिएको सम्बन्धी सूचना। 29 December 2023
सेवा करारमा व्यक्ति लिने सम्वन्धि थप सूचना। 06 December 2023
२०८०।०८।१७-।-कर्णाली प्रदेश- सेवा कारार रोष्टरको लागि सूचना 03 December 2023
सेवा करार फाराम 01 December 2023
सेवा कारार लिने समबन्धी सूचना 01 December 2023
सीप परीक्षण मूल्यांकनकर्ता तालिम(Skill Test Assessor) सम्बन्धी आवेदन 28 November 2023
क्षतिको विवरण उपलब्ध गराउने सम्बन्धमा । 06 November 2023
शैक्षिक सत्र २०८०/०८१ मा डिप्लोमा तथा प्रमाण पत्र तहको कार्यक्रमहरूमा वर्गीकृत(निःशुल्क) छात्रवृत्तिको रित्त सिटहरूमा वैकल्पिक उम्मेदवारहरूको योग्यताक्रम अनुसार भर्नाको लागि सिफारिश सम्बन्धी अत्यन्त जरूरी सूचना। 03 November 2023
Results sheet 03 November 2023
2080-07-15_Diploma Level First, Second, Third Year & I-II R-B Exam Schedule 01 November 2023
शैक्षिक २०८०/०८१ का लागि डिप्लोमा/प्रमाणपत्र तहको वर्गीकृत (निःशूल्क) छात्रवृत्ति तर्फका वैकल्पिक तथा उत्तिर्ण सूचिमा रहेका परीक्षार्थीहरूबाट थप भएका शिक्षण संस्था र कार्यक्रममा भर्नाका लागि निवेदन दिने सम्बन्धि अत्यन्त जरूरी सूचना । 27 October 2023
Thap Institute Classified Scholarship Results 18 October 2023
About us

CTEVT, Karnali Province Office (KPO) was established in 2019 (2075 BS) as a contact and co-ordination office of Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) in Karnali Province after the nation implemented federalism. KPO coordinates with the Ministry of Social Development, a provincial line Ministry for Education for the development of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the Province. It serves as a provisional office in province acting a bridge between the Province Government and CTEVT focusing mainly on TVET sector reform.

KPO monitors and regulates all the constituent, TECS, affiliated, and partner schools in their admission, registration, examination, and result publication. Skill-based short term training and skill testing conducted by NSTB in the province are also coordinated and monitored by KPO. It acts as a facilitator, coordinator, harbinger for overall enhancement of TVET within the province.

The main roles and responsibilities of the province office are:

  • Supporting & Advising the Provincial Government regarding TVET policy and programs.
  • Setting up long term and short term policies for the enrichment of TVET at the province level.
  • Selection of institute and award the short term training to them.
  • Conduction of examination activities of the province.
  • Conduct Supervision, monitoring, regulation of constituent, TECS, Partner, and Private Institutes.
  • Establish effective Co-ordination with institute and central office.
  • Planning & Co-ordinating with TITI to Facilitate various training to the instructor and administrative staff for their personal and professional career development.
  • Supporting in the formation of new polytechnic institutes within the province.
  • Establish effective coordination and Strategy with and among TVET Stakeholders within the province.

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