Karnali Province Office

Birendranagar, Surkhet

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CTEVT, Karnali Province Office (KPO) was established in 2019 (2075 BS) as a contact and co-ordination office of Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) in Karnali Province after the nation implemented federalism. KPO coordinates with the Ministry of Social Development, a provincial line Ministry for Education for the development of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the Province. It serves as a provisional office in province acting a bridge between the Province Government and CTEVT focusing mainly on TVET sector reform.

KPO monitors and regulates all the constituent, TECS, affiliated, and partner schools in their admission, registration, examination, and result publication. Skill-based short term training and skill testing conducted by NSTB in the province are also coordinated and monitored by KPO. It acts as a facilitator, coordinator, harbinger for overall enhancement of TVET within the province.

The main roles and responsibilities of the province office are:

  • Supporting & Advising the Provincial Government regarding TVET policy and programs.
  • Setting up long term and short term policies for the enrichment of TVET at the province level.
  • Selection of institute and award the short term training to them.
  • Conduction of examination activities of the province.
  • Conduct Supervision, monitoring, regulation of constituent, TECS, Partner, and Private Institutes.
  • Establish effective Co-ordination with institute and central office.
  • Planning & Co-ordinating with TITI to Facilitate various training to the instructor and administrative staff for their personal and professional career development.
  • Supporting in the formation of new polytechnic institutes within the province.
  • Establish effective coordination and Strategy with and among TVET Stakeholders within the province.


CTEVT, Karnali Province Office is working under the vision of Skilling Nepal for People's prosperity.


CTEVT is a vibrant organization promoting TVET system to develop a competent workforce for national and international market needs. The Karnali Province Office will serve through providing an effective and efficient technical education and training services in the province in coordination with all the stakeholders


In order to achieve and attain the mission and vision, the province office will have the following goals:

  • 1. Expand TVET programs for ensurin access and equity
  • 2. Ensure quality, relevant and efficient TVET system
  • 3. Enhance effectiveness and efficiency of CTEVT management
  • 4. Establish National Vocational Qualification Framework(NVQF) to ensure its compatibility with education framework
  • 5. Extend technical input to establish TVET Fund
  • 6. Establish effective coordination with and among TVET Stakeholders

Major Responsibilities

  • 1. Provide advice to the Government of Nepal regarding TVET policy and programs
  • 2. Determine scope and standards of TVET programs
  • 3. Arrange for and conduct TVET Programs from basic level to higher education
  • 4. Liaison and maintain coordination with national and international TVET agencies for quality education and training
  • 5. Extend technical input to establish TVET Fund
  • 6. Establish effective coordination with and among TVET Stakeholders